Our Commercial Partners

At TransferMyBills we have two types of commercial partners dependant on business sector. They're fairly widely defined, but we're confident they encompass the varying business we align with.

Partner with us

Property agents

Our definition of "property agents" covers estate agencies, property management companies and lettings agents.

All of these groups help people locate homes to either buy or rent. Which we view as the first point of contact for many on the journey of moving, as such are in the prime position to be able to help customers to find and use our service.

Service providers

With regards to the term “Service providers” we define that as anyone who supplys a customer with a product or service.

This covers a vast number of different business sectors including but not limited to Energy Suppliers, Banks, TV and Broadband services, Insurance, Ecommerce platforms and supermarkets to name a few.

Reasons to join us

We are currently trying to reach out to as many companies as we can. If we haven't spoken to you about joining our community yet, please get in touch and we can start a conversation about getting you set up. Jump to the form

1. Never Miss a relocation

By signing up as a service provider you will be made aware of when a customer is moving home. Meaning that any deliveries you send to them stand a better chance of going to the correct address.

It also helps to stop the possibility of losing customers as they change service provider when they move.

2. Check if people are moving

By making use of our in-house API System, you will be able to check (with the customers consent) if they have registered to move with us.

So should their moving date fall around the estimated delivery date for your package, you can flag it with the customer to give them the choice to adjust the delivery address.

(Currently in development, expected to launch early 2020)

3. Affiliate Links and Portals

To help with the process of getting people onboard, we plan to provide our partners a combination of affiliate links and white label portals, the portals will be able to be styled up with your company's livery. This way you are not required to undertake any major works to be able to offer the service to your customers.

With 7-11% of the population moving home each year. Can you run the risk of losing that much business, because customers have failed to inform you of their move?

Register your interest in joining our network…

We are currently working hard on making this service available for customers, we are still on the look out for commerical partners to help bring the product to market. So if you would like to be part of this exciting enterprise please get in touch, so we can discuss how you would like to use the product and possibly testing the prototype system.

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