Business Transfers

Moving office can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming pursuits that your business will undertake, let us help take some of the pressure away from your move team by dealing with the issue of letting your suppliers know you have moved.

Don’t let your supply chain faulter, register interest today so that when TransferMyBills start doing business moves you are ready...

With small businesses losing an average of 7½ days whilst moving premises, it classes as the second most stressful task that owners and managers have to undertake in business. let us ease that stress for you by transferring your bills.

Integrated data security

PCI DSS & ISO 27001 Level Security

From the inception of the company, security has been at the forefront of our company ethos, in today's society their is a lot of power in knowing peoples data. To that end we aim to make sure that no one can access your data via our system. With that in mind we have built the system with PCI DSS and ISO 27001/2017 regulations integrated from the beginning and are currently working towards our accreditation.

KYC and AML checks on applicants

In a continued effort to make sure that our customers information is safe from malicious agents we conduct KYC and AML checks on both individuals and companies that sign up to use the service, we understand that some people may find this an unnecessary step but we feel it is the best way to maintain the trust of our customers.

We will help your move by…

Securing your data whilst informing business contacts

Our system has been built to make sure that your information is as secure as possible, to that end we make contact will all of the suppliers on our books to make sure that we have a single point of contact with them that is as secure as we can make it so your data is never knowingly available to be intercepted.

Allowing you to sign up all members of the business

We know that a company is made up of more than one person, so that is why we have made it so that you can register multiple people as part of the business structure. This means that you will be able to manage everything from a single location.

Giving your Staff more time to concentrate on other issues

By us taking over this aspect of the move for you, it allows your staff to concentrate on other aspects of getting your move done. It also means that they have more time to keep up with the everyday tasks of running the business, so that the company can continue to grow.

Additional benefits of your TMB account

1. Record supplier required info

Whether it is the meter reading for your energy supply or the account number for your stationary. We can store the necessary information to ensure the transfer happens successfully.

2. Check transfer statuses

Within the system your account will have a dashboard, from which you will be able to see the status of your transfers. This will allow you too know when everything has been processed successfully.

3. Schedule your moving date

As you will no doubt be aware moving a business is by no means a quick process, sometimes being months in the planning. To help with this you can program the move date into the system, filling in the other details as you get them.